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Former manager says Marilyn De Waters' resignation at VTM has nothing to do with MeToo

Former manager says Marilyn De Waters’ resignation at VTM has nothing to do with MeToo

Marlène de Wouters (56)’s departure from VTM had nothing to do with MeToo, but because there was no longer any place for her in the channel. This is what her former manager Rick Tobacs told Het Laatste Nieuws.

In Play4 Viva La Vita For the first time, former VTM face Marilyn De Waters told her why she left VTM. “It started with asking if I wanted to go on a date or have something to eat on Saturday night. So you know: it wouldn’t be about work,” said De Wouters. “It would not be about work,” said De Wouters. Abuse of power, as De Wouters calls it. According to her, it was not There is another way, so I decided to leave.

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But according to her former manager Rick Tobacs, that’s not the case. According to him, there was no concrete project for De Wouters and therefore her exclusive contract was not extended. “It was by mutual agreement: if a program was found for Marilyn, we would pick up the topic again. But that never happened.” latest news

Meanwhile, other screen faces also testify to the inappropriate behavior. Former anchor Hanne Troonbeeckx (43 years old) tells in an interview with Morning That the “big bosses” told her she was “too fat” and that she had to do something about it. “This experience really hurt me,” Tronbecks says. In the end, I also decided to leave and started working on VT4.

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