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"De Mol" has never been so mean, ruthless and extraordinarily cruel: "This is really puking" |  The Mall 2021

“De Mol” has never been so mean, ruthless and extraordinarily cruel: “This is really puking” | The Mall 2021

TV“It really makes you vomit.” Identification of the Mol Annelotte filter at the end of Episode 6 of ‘De Mol’. Never before has the TV game been so unusually ruthless and brutal than this version, as this time the dark shadow of the former East Germany looms on the horizon. The passionate player, lawyer Yasmine Fury, turns out to be extremely enthusiastic. So she walked with her eyes open into the trap that had set “De Mole”. We’ll already know the three finalists next week. Will there be another woman?

At the start of Episode Six, she was still a hilarious and vicious gangster, and she wasn’t about to sing “Merry Friends” to late Uncle Bob on set. Less than 72 minutes left of those cute bands of friends. Gilles de Koster has previously made it clear that “treason is rewarded”. And this turned out to be the case. At the beginning of the episode he swore “allegiance” to some segments of Lairdammer. Nobody will go for treason. Shortly thereafter in the game, Philip mocked this section in exchange for some information from candidate files. Lennart sacrificed € 10,000 from the group venue to get a direct seat in the next episode.

The poison was already in a tail. After a seemingly easy day in ‘De Mol,’ with a seemingly delightful search for street art in Berlin, which also made a profit of € 3,000 without seeming to resist Mol and a flight simulator game, which ended in an expected crash, ‘De Mol “All Psychological Records are fully open. What followed was an extraordinary thriller, shot to perfection with twists and turns that turned out to be surprising even for the candidates. So much so, that recruiter Anelot de Brandt couldn’t hold back. “It really makes you vomit,” she screamed spontaneously, when Gilles de Custer explained that the dean of old age Philippe de Klein had betrayed the oath he had cast in Leardamer with a smile. That young and educator Lennart happily received € 10,000 from the group fund for an exemption and place for the next episode. If Anilot turns out to be de mole, she will have a successful career as a professional actress.

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It is striking that with Jasmine leaving, there is only one woman left in De Mall. With some of the setbacks Anilot faces, you might be a final, full-blown male relative. Attentive TV viewers recall that “De Slimste Mens ter Wereld” was a women’s final last fall.

Finally, some eye-catching notes. In the sixth episode, Anilot introduced herself as an enthusiastic member of the group. She never made a fuss, and was active in winning parts of the game. It could certainly have easily sabotaged the “flight mission” of the second test. Her reaction to Lennart’s “betrayal” was volumes as well. Philip has managed to play the father figure in ‘De Mol’ for a long time. This role has now been lost. This is not inconsequential at this point in the game. Well done tactically. Could it be Lennart de Malle? Tricky, because the game was and still is written and played by the TV makers, not the nominees. It makes no sense at all for the mall to “win” over a dispensation at the expense of the group’s mockery. Still Sven malicious delight. This episode also did its best to be a kind of ‘follower’. Never worry in a line of fire, as you can make what other people suspect and in the meantime fight and manipulate you. Have others already noticed Molly’s behavior? If so, how long was it in their sight?

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We noticed this among the remaining five candidates:

Anilot De Brandt (21)

Anilot in “De Mol” © Play4

She totally let herself go when it became clear that there was a lot of fun in Molpot. If that wasn’t for real, then she is a good actress. If so, she is not “De Mol” and will soon be fighting for a place in the Final. The fact that it did not respond to the hint of strings in a street art game is typical of the frantic nature of such a game. TV makers watched it well to focus on afterward.

Jasmine Pits (30)

Yasmine in

Yasmine at “De Mol” © Play4

Face the fate of always passionate candidates in this game. Focusing on profit and money in group setting and then without seeing him become a victim, De Mol’s behavior, and the behavior of his fellow candidates. Her sense of the flight simulator was strange and unnatural. It is also discussed and presented hardly or not. Was there anything more going on there than the inventors wanted to show us?

Lennart Dresen (25)

Lennart in

Lennart in “De Mol” © Play4

“You can all climb to the top of a tree.” A great quote from Lennart to Gilles De Coster when he decided to snatch € 10,000 from the group venue and provide himself with a direct ticket to the final episode of the final. He couldn’t capture much of Mol, but he showed his hardest and toughest side for the first time in a baccarat game. Like soccer players. Straight leg slide. And cut off all that obstructs the road.

Philip De Klein (52)

Philip in the movie

Philip in “De Mol” © Play4

We think it’s hard for Philip to continue being “sympathetic” to the whole gang after his “betrayal”. His interpretation of the other candidates also appeared to be overly coercive. For weeks it turned out that he already knew the mall, now the feeling of the group, an expensive section (albeit on Dutch cheese) and the ridiculous group suddenly had to believe.

Sven Utspruit (41)

Sven in

Sven in “De Mol” © Play4

The episode statement threw out “If he were in Leerdammer, he would be in the sacoche.” You can of course go in all directions with that. He has nothing of a driven player, an experienced mole seeker, of the leader type. so what? That should be clearer in the next episode.

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Jens Zuterman, 30-Year-Old Parquet Installer from Westvleteren (Episode 1)

Dami Oguntobi, 21-year-old psychology student from Ghent (aflev. 2)

Kevin Quickens, 30-year-old attorney from Ghent (Issue 2)

Noah Fleigh, 18-year-old student from Kortrijk (Issue 3)

Catherine Coppins, 39-year-old Vascular Surgeon, from Newrod (Issue 4)

Samina Carmenz, 42-Year-Old Flamenco Dancer, from Houthalen-Helchteren (Episode 5)

Yasmine Fouri, 30-year-old lawyer, from Tarnat (Episode 6)

In the bowl

For the group, 7,600 euros

Dear players

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