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Cliffhanger in 'Family': Are Two Ordinary Personalities on Fire?

Cliffhanger in ‘Family’: Are Two Ordinary Personalities on Fire?

Another dramatic exit in ‘The Family’? Peter (Gunther Levy) and Mary Rose (Martin Junckery) are caught in a fire.

Viewers of “Family” went to the weekend accompanied by celebrities. Peter and his mother, Marie Rose, characters Gunther Levi and Martin Junckery, are stunned by a fire in the middle of the night. Does this mean the end of the ride for two regulars in the soap?

Wout Desmytere

After all, it was already announced earlier that Levi and Junkeri, like their co-stars Ludo Hellenics, Hilda van Heysendonk and Marian Devries, will be written from the series. The last three had already suffered their exit, and their next exit seemed inevitable. When Peter encounters the fire in his home, he first brings his son Victor to safety with his neighbor and then returns to the fire in search of his mother.

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He was already unconscious on the ground. Peter tried to get her out of the house, but the same smoke overpowered him. While emergency services arrived outside, the two remained motionless. To continue on Monday.

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