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Geert and Victor Verholst surprise Holland in The Masked Si...

Geert and Victor Verholst surprise Holland in The Masked Si…

Source: telegraph

The hit TV format “The Masked Singer” is currently being played in the Netherlands as well. Last night, the unmasking of the duo led to a lot of backlash, because no one expected Belgians Gert and Victor Verholst to look like the Dutch. “I trained for a long time,” Victor said.

At the unveiling ceremony, members of the jury, including Nicolette Van Damme – who was herself the Tiger on the show – and her husband Bas Smit were surprised when they saw the faces of Father Gert and his son Victor Verholst. “The epilogue is great,” said the Studio 100 director with a laugh. Father and son also had to laugh at the committee’s suggestion that they would do nothing for the entertainment anyway. What did the two Dutch look like? “I trained for a long time,” Victor says.

There is an enthusiastic response on Twitter. “This really makes my week, dutch-speaking Gert,” one wrote and another tweeted: “Gert who speaks with a Dutch accent, I’m screaming.”

Nicolette and Bass joined the committee as guests to start a fundraising project for Orange Children’s Hospitals. Nicolette and Bass have been committed to this charity for a long time. In the coming weeks, Project Smile will dominate RTL, a fundraising campaign in association with Stichting Kinderziekenhuizen van Oranje. The money raised is intended for research and projects that reduce anxiety, pain and stress in children during hospitalization.