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Voice problems also in Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest |  showbiz

Voice problems also in Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest | showbiz

MusicJust as in the Netherlands, not all Danish viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest were able to cast their votes during the final. A small part is not included, let the responsible broadcaster DR know.

Several Danes received a message after the final that their votes were not counted because they had already voted once before. According to DR, this is due to a bug in a new system that was used earlier this year.

If rejected votes count, it won’t lead to another winner, DR investigated. Sure enough, the announcer also checked if there were mistakes in the semi-finals and the national preliminary round. It turns out that this is not the case.

Too late

In the Netherlands, hundreds of people who voted for their favorite received a text message saying their votes had not been counted because it would be too late. These people later got their money back.

Italian band Måneskin won the Eurovision Song Contest with 25 points, ahead of second seed Barbara Braffi of France. For the results of the Eurovision Song Contest, the audience votes are up to 50 percent, and the other part is decided by international professional juries.

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