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Rapper Travis Scott on tragedy during his AstroWorld performance: 'I'm broken' |  Died at the Texas Music Festival

Rapper Travis Scott on tragedy during his AstroWorld performance: ‘I’m broken’ | Died at the Texas Music Festival

During Scott’s show there was a massive panic on Friday night. Hundreds of festival-goers were injured, and at least eight people were killed. According to Fire Chief Samuel Peña, panic erupted around 9pm when a crowd of about 50,000 people moved en masse towards the platform, causing several people to run over under their feet. Travis Scott is said to have interrupted his performance several times when he realized fans were in distress, but that couldn’t stop the chaos.

“The events of Friday night really devastated me,” the rapper now writes in a statement on Twitter. My thoughts are with the families of the victims and everyone affected by this tragedy. The police department can count on my full cooperation. I also want to work with the community to support affected families. Finally, I would like to thank the police and fire service for their prompt response.”

However, many attendees are not satisfied with the organization of the festival. For example, some were said to have pleaded and yelled for the show to stop, but no one heard from them.

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