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Gerard Jölling defends Johann Derricksen: 'He's a hero' |  showbiz

Gerard Jölling defends Johann Derricksen: ‘He’s a hero’ | showbiz

Dirksen told Vandaag Inside last week that fifty years ago, after a busy evening, he put a candle in an unconscious woman. A day later he changed his story, saying he had left the candle “erect between her legs”. Dirksen was bombarded with criticism. He said he found a sign with “rapist” in his village, the shepherds pulled out and dinner guests (like Ross Schlecker) withdrew their cooperation. Dirksen said on Thursday’s broadcast that he will stop the show, although he will return, according to sources.

Gerard Juling, who was often a guest on “Vandaag Inside,” now poses with Dirksen. Juling says he thinks it’s a “cool” program. “Look, Wilfried is kind of a reporter, and then they both go deep and Johan sometimes steps too far,” says Dutch talk show host Bo. “Yes, that makes me happy.” However, Joling realizes that the program is “a little out of the ordinary.” “I’ve also been involved in it myself, but I absolutely believe Johan Dirksen should be back on TV, because I think he’s a hero if you dare name and say so much.”

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