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Give and receive Bitcoin for your social media posts - BTC Direct

Give and receive Bitcoin for your social media posts – BTC Direct

What could be better than wasting a little time on social media and earning and spending bitcoins? Well, there are a thousand other things to think about, but it’s awesome nonetheless! MacRumors traced a piece of code in the latest beta version of Twitter for iOS. Bitcoin can be gamified to users with this part of the code.

We all know Jack Dorsey is a Bitcoin fan and has previously hinted at the integration of Bitcoin and the possibilities that the Lightning Network offers for it. Dorsey calls bitcoin the “internet currency” for a reason. Earlier he talked about subscriptions and things like “super followers” ​​on the platform in association with Bitcoin. So now the tipping jar appears to be the first step in that direction for Twitter.

Not just bitcoin in the tip jar

Twitter introduced the tip jar to the platform in May as a way for users to reward other creators for their work. If the rumors are true, we will soon be able to use Bitcoin as well as the Cash app, PayPal and Venmo to transfer value on the platform. To introduce users to Bitcoin, Twitter is also developing a quick Lightning tutorial.

It also appears that Twitter will leverage Jack Mallers’ Strike services to connect the platform to the Lightning Network. Mallers also played an important role through Strike in El Salvador, where bitcoin will become officially legal tender from September 7. Now the popular Bitcoiner has also joined Twitter.

The Bitcoin tip jar for Twitter is also a confirmation of plans that the social media platform had already cautiously announced back in June. According to Dorsey, Bitcoin is the key to Twitter’s future. Which could mean that Twitter, with its huge user base, will act like a financial technology by connecting the powerful network they own to Bitcoin.

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Jack Dorsey on Bitcoin

The common denominator in all of this news seems to be Jack Dorsey’s obsession with Bitcoin. In the past, it has been cautiously positive towards Bitcoin in many media appearances, but now it is completely out of the treasury as Bitcoin. In addition to Twitter, it has also fully immersed itself in the Bitcoin track with payment provider Square. In addition, he recently announced plans to build a decentralized bitcoin exchange.

Ambitious plans are only suitable for the ecosystem. Bitcoin needs pioneers like Dorsey to take new steps in adoption. Where it was unthinkable a few years ago that big corporations and billionaires would dare to publicly commit to bitcoin, this is now becoming more and more normal.

The Bitcoin tip on Twitter will be the first touch or a new introduction to Bitcoin for many people. If they test how easy it is to make payments via the Lightning Network, it could boost faith in the future of bitcoin as a currency. More than just a good development regarding us.