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Volkswagen showcases the self-driving ID, which will be used commercially in 2025 – picture and sound – news

Volkswagen showcased ID.Buzz AD1 ahead of the IAA Mobility event. AD stands for Autonomous Driving in English. The German manufacturer is working with Argo AI to develop this self-driving truck.

Argo AI writes With this self-driving identifier, BAZ will be the first Volkswagen Group car to have Level 4 autonomy. This is a category of autonomous driving that indicates a high degree of automation. In addition, the system can intervene itself if the driver does not react to an unexpected traffic event. Planning It was created by SAE, a consortium of technical companies in the automotive sector, among others.

ID.Buzz AD is currently being tested on the Argo AI test track at Franz Josef Strauss International Airport in Munich. In the short term, the car will also be found on the streets of this German city. The goal is to realize commercially deployable, self-driving trucks of this type in Hamburg. This should be done in 2025 via the VW subsidiary MOIA, that Mobility as a Service-Provider.

VW test track ID BUZZ
Test track in Munich

To make this possible, Argo . is expanding In their own words It expanded its activities in Munich and is now in the process of integrating the autonomous driving system into the car, learning in the process, making new iterations and thus making more and more progress. The team in Munich received the test car early this year, after which the process of integrating hardware and software for the autonomous driving system began.

Photo from the so-called Argo Lidar. According to the company, this is a new type of lidar that enables the ID.Buzz vehicle to detect objects at a distance of more than 400 meters.

According to Argo AI, ID-Buzz has a large rooftop compared to regular cars, providing a great deal of flexibility to integrate lidar and other sensors, such as cameras and radar. According to Argo AI, the cameras and radar are placed in a kind of crown around the lidar.

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The electric ID card is not issued for normal and non-autonomous driving. That should happen sometime next year. This car will have batteries ranging from 48 to 111 kWh.