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Give mosquitoes less chance to bite: don't make your pond a breeding ground

Give mosquitoes less chance to bite: don’t make your pond a breeding ground

Harlem has always been a mosquito city and its residents proudly wear their nickname “mosquitoes.” The fact that the Harlems had this nickname probably has something to do with the wet, swampy landscape from which Harlem originated. This is why Mosquito City was the decoration for a book show mosquitoIt is a popular new science book about mosquitoes and the spread of disease. Marietta Brax went with Birds morning Right on the road to see how mosquitoes are doing in Harlem.

Street canyons are a mecca for mosquitoes

When looking for mosquitoes in the city, it is recommended to look first in the canyons of the streets. Street canyons are underground sedimentation tanks, where rainwater is separated from dirt. If it hasn’t rained for a while, the water will stay still, which is the perfect habitat for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in still water that floats on rainwater like moving platforms. Mosquitoes are a pioneer species that like temporary water. This is because no other aquatic insects like to feed on mosquito larvae. There is a maximum of two weeks between laying eggs and flying away, so the mosquito is often gone before the makeshift pond evaporates.

Infectious diseases: watch out as in the tropics?

Malaria, the advanced tiger mosquito and West Nile virus, the mosquito is often in the news as a source of disease these days. Should we be as careful in the future as in the tropics? According to Brax, infectious disease outbreaks are hard to predict, but the risks so far aren’t too bad. The spread of germs depends on many factors, and cases of West Nile virus, for example, are very limited so far.

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Due to the increasing global trade, we have been dealing with advanced tiger mosquito for several years now. It is difficult to control this type of tropical mosquito once it has established its presence. According to Braks, it’s especially important to make sure ourselves that all mosquitoes have a lower chance: “Many people have empty bowls of water in their garden or balcony. Try to prevent this, and close the rain barrel with a lid. Also that if you have a pond, Make sure that there is some life in it so that it does not become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.”