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Google is going to detect earthquakes in Greece with Android phones

Google also enters an alert system that uses people’s Android phones to detect earthquakes Greece and New Zealand Betting. The Android Earthquake Alert system was already released in the US last year and uses the accelerometer present in the smartphone. According to Google, this sensor converts phones into mini seismic maps.

The accelerometer can sense the vibrations that indicate an earthquake. When an Android device suspects an earthquake, a signal is sent to the Google server, as well as the location where the vibration was detected. The server then connects information from all phones to determine if an earthquake is occurring. In such a situation, Google can warn users.

Users are alerted when they search for the word “earthquake near me” on Google. In addition, Android users in Greece and New Zealand will automatically receive earthquake alerts in their area. It was previously available to users in the US state of California. Users who do not wish to receive notifications can disable them via the settings menu.

Google hopes to build the world’s largest earthquake detection network by collecting data from millions of Android phones. The technology company plans to use “Android based earthquake detection” in more countries in the future. This feature is installed on almost all Android devices via Google Play Services and can be enabled or disabled via Location Services.

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