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UEFA joins in protest against racism by boycotting social media | Sports

So always stay updated on all sports news. For news on football, tennis, skating, motorsport, cycling and darts, we have set up special pages on our website in which the most important things in these sports are highlighted. In this section Sport Short mainly discusses other news.

Football: The UEFA is protesting against racism by boycotting social media

4.16 pm: The European Football Association (EFA) joins the English Football Club’s action to boycott social media this weekend to combat online racism and discrimination. The union will close its bases from Friday afternoon to Monday evening.

Clubs in the Premier League, English Football League, Women’s Super League and Women’s Championship announced the closure of their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts this weekend, stressing the need for platforms to do more against online crime. In recent months, many players have been racially treated, including Anthony Marshall and Marcus Rashford.

The English Rugby Association and the Cycling Association have already announced their participation in the boycott, with the UEFA next showing solidarity. “There have been abuses on the field and on social media. This is unacceptable and must be stopped with the help of public and legislative officials and social media organizations, ”said President Alexander Seferin. “Cultivating a culture of hatred with punishment is dangerous, very dangerous. Not only for football, but for society as a whole. We are hiding behind the name of these cowards to spit out ideologies that are harmful.”

Badminton: Kaljov advanced to the last eight at the European Badminton Championships in Kiev

15.11 p.m.: Mark Kaljov reaches last eight at the European Badminton Championships in Kiev. Fifth-placed Dutch beat Felix Purest of Sweden 21-13 16-21 21-17 in three games. He will play against fourth-placed Dan Hans-Christian Whittings in the quarterfinals on Friday.

Earlier in the day, Robin Tabeling and Selena Peake qualified for the quarterfinals in the mixed doubles category. In the battle for a place in the semifinals, the Dutch duo will face third-placed German pair Mark Lampsbus / Isabel Hertrich.

Basketball: Orange Brock for the European Basketball Championship

Afternoon 2.57: The Dutch men’s team will complete the group stage of the European Basketball Championship to be held in Prague in 2022. Orange has been assigned to Group D for the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Israel and Serbia. National coach Maricio Puscaglia was delighted with the draw from Italy.

“First, pride dominates because we’re there again,” he said of basketball. “Secondly, we can attack top countries like Serbia, Poland and the Czech Republic. But Israel, which has a history of basketball, and Finland are competing with their enthusiasm and energy. Finally, we are going to play against many famous great players. We have to do more than the best, it has to be. ”

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The technical director looks at the opportunities in the Oke de Velde team. “Although all the teams are in the top 15 in the world after Israel and Finland, they are not the biggest nations, which is attractive from a sports perspective. Of course you want to play against the real best countries, but it offers opportunities. In addition, Prague fans can travel, and it It’s a beautiful and fun city and it’s cool to change the stadium a little orange. ”

Football: Cluvert is missing from the semi-finals at Leipzig

1.05pm: Justin Kluward will not play with Leipzig on Friday evening in the semi-finals of the National Cup against Werder Bremen. The club said the Zhang Orange International was not enough.

Coach Julian Knucklesman, who is leaving for Bayern Munich, said it was doubtful Lucas Glostermann would attend. Shortly before the start of the game the coach did not make a decision on the position of the German international.

Yusuf Paulsen, on the other hand, was able to train again after an injury period. “I think he’s available,” Knucklesman said of the attacker.

Billiards: Jasper loses master’s title

13.03 hrs: Dick Jaspers failed to reach the final of the Masters Three Cushion. Raymond Bergman was a little stronger in the semifinals as he won the match 3-2.

Jaspers, a 21-time national champion, got off to a very bad start against Bergman. In the first set, the defending champion failed to score in 6 innings, as evidenced by the fact that he was not in his best position. In the quarterfinals, he hit the heels against debutant Joey de Kok.

Bergman has previously competed 10 times in the Masters Final and won four times. He lost a final to local player Jean van Erby. Again there is a chance, because in the other semifinal Van Erp will play against the surprise of this tournament debutant Ludo Cools.

Set scores Bergman-Jaspers: 10-3, 7-10, 10-8, 3-10, 10-6. Bergman crossed the finish line with an average of 1.250 against Jaspers at 1.194.

Rugby: All blacks are in American hands

11.38 am: The famous All Blacks, the New Zealand national rugby team, is partly in American hands. The New Zealand Rugby Federation (NZR) will sell 12.5 per cent of the three-time world champion’s business rights. U.S. investors will pay 30 230 million and acquire the rights to international television rights.

The agreement with investment fund Silver Lake Partners was unanimously approved by the provincial leagues at the NZR’s annual general meeting in Wellington. Only the players’ association has yet to agree. Players can agree to a lucrative transaction this Thursday.

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According to the NZR, this is “a revolutionary turning point” for rugby. “We believe this is an extraordinary opportunity that future generations will enjoy for a long time to come,” said President Mark Robinson. The deal would raise the total business value of New Zealand rugby to 1. 1.8 billion.

This transaction was not enthusiastically received everywhere in New Zealand. All Blacks are part of the nation’s national pride, and some of the people do not see Americans in their control.

Badminton: Quarterly European Championship for Badminton Doubles Tableing / Peak

11.20 am: Badminton duo Robin Tabling / Selena Peak advanced to the quarterfinals of the mixed doubles division at the European Championships in Kiev. The fifth-placed pair were the strongest in three games for the Danish pair of Nicholas Nohr / Amali Mageland: 21-11 16-21 21-19.

In the battle for a place in the semifinals, Tepling and Pike face third-placed German pair Mark Lampsbus / Isabel Hertrich.

Basketball: Utah Jazz with the last club record against the Sacramento Kings

7.20 am: The Utah Jazz American Basketball League has set a club record in the NBA. The president of the Western Conference won 154-105 over the Sacramento Kings in California. Never before has Salt Lake City Club been able to score so many points in a league game.

Jazz’s top scorer was Bojan Boktanovic with 24 points, followed by Jordan Clarkson with 23 points. Georges Nyang (19 points) and Rudy Cobert (12 points and 10 rebounds) were on track with the crowd. Fewer than eight players from Utah Jazz finished in double digits in the points classification.

Football: New contract for goalkeeper Olshlekel at FC Utrecht

7.05 am: Goalkeeper Eric Olschlegel (25) will also play for FC Utrecht next season. The German keeper’s expired contract has been extended until mid-2022, with the option for an additional year.

Olshlegel came in for a free transfer from Dortmund, Borussia last season, where he was on contract for two seasons. He played for FC Cup in the Cup match against Ajax on December 16, 2020.

“I am very happy with my new contract,” Olschlegel replied. “I personally perform better and I feel very happy here. As a person and as a goalkeeper I was able to learn a lot here. I think this contract extension is a positive development for all parties.”

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