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Government policy change angers young people, see psychologists

Government policy change angers young people, see psychologists

The psychologist from Middleburg spoke about these consequences on our radio show Zeeland room. You can listen to it below:

Psychologist Huibrecht Boluijt talks about reversing the state of relaxation and what it does to us mentally

The fact that procedures changed wasn’t helpful for how we dealt with it. “I also think the way the government gets the message across could be better: more clear. Now people rely a lot on their own feelings,” Polwegt says.

β€œWhat you often see is that the first message doesn’t arrive and the second. For example, when Ruti says, ‘She’s getting better, but…’ we often don’t want to hear that ‘But, this is a well-known phenomenon in psychology.'”

respect for youth

Boluijt respects the vast majority of young people. “They sticked well to all kinds of procedures, for a year and a half. The guys were always ahead, no matter how long they had to wait for their turn. Now it’s finally time for a relaxing dip again.”

According to him, young people reacted angrily to this, and the elderly more resigned. “Anxiety among the young people who were scrambling is now growing again.” According to Poljet, there is a huge responsibility on the government. “Injuries are increasing, but the severity of the consequences is decreasing. They should not all translate into agony and gloom.”

The cure should not be worse than the disease.”

Psychologist Huibrecht Boluijt

Complaints among young people have not changed. “Young people develop complaints through social isolation. Meeting each other, expressing your feelings, urges and desires, that’s what was lacking.” Dansen met Jansen “He made it possible again for a while. I hope we’re not in trouble for a fourth shutdown. Cure should not become worse than disease.”

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