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Heart problems are rarely reported in young people who have been vaccinated against Govt-19 in the United States

Single dose of Modern-Govit-19 vaccine. – Matt Slogan / AB / Ciba

Link met Vaccine It is not yet installed. Heart problems are very rare in adolescents or young people who have been vaccinated against it
Govit-19 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a leading central public health agency, reported this week
United States.

As a result, reports of myocarditis of the heart muscle have been reported in people receiving the messenger RNA vaccine developed by Pfizer / Bioendech or Moderna. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said most of them were monitoring the condition and “seemed harmless.”

“Adolescents and young people”

U.S. officials did not specify the exact number of cases or the age of the victims. It was mainly diagnosed “in adolescents and young adults” by injection “over the next four days”. Myocarditis often occurs “after the second dose” and affects men more than women. In addition, health officials say the number of people suffering from myocarditis currently does not exceed the normal range among these ages.

In late April, five cases of myocarditis were detected in France in people receiving the Pfizer / Bioentech anti-Govt vaccine, but again, the link was not proven by injection. Note that Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine is licensed in the United States It has been extended to 12 to 15 year olds May 10th.