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Owners of the Groomer Wind Farm, Shou Wen-Dowland Municipality

Half of the wind farm is owned by more than five thousand citizens and is one of two co-ops. They were involved in a drawn-out practice with the municipality. With the deal now over, it will come to an end.

Prior to construction, a disagreement arose over the municipality’s tax estimate of 2. 2.1 million, which was too high, according to co-operatives Deltavind and Jeevind. Eventually, they were proven by a court in Den Bosch last summer. The municipality actually had to repay the full amount, but the cooperatives did not think it necessary.

Sustainability finance

“We never wanted to get the full amount back,” explains Deltwind director Monique Sweep. The deal will now allow the municipality to hold half a million euros and deposit half a million in the new sustainability fund for the region. Cooperatives will manage those funds. They want to use the money to realize the projects in Showdown-Dowland, Tolan and Goary-Overflow. The wind farm is located at the junction of these three islands.

Everyone involved is happy that this affair has finally closed. Alderman Daniel Jobe (CDA) calls the deal a “generosity” of co-ops.

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