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Entertainment Workshop Homeless: ‘Our Members Fall into the Black Hole’

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Processed wood foundation: “We build bird houses, benches, nativity scenes, building tools, everything. We do this mostly on commission,” explains Lily Bagador of the Entertainment Workshop. “For example, for those with welfare and a small budget, but also for older people’s homes or schools.”

The trust has 26 members: “These are mainly unemployed, retirees or divorcees,” says Anne Henness, chairman of the entertainment workshop’s committee.

As long as we do not have accommodation, we will not allow new members. Firewood work aside. “

Team member Dan Heinson

There are many new membership posts now, but the foundation is not compliant. Board member Dan Heinson: “As an association, there is nothing we can do at this time. As long as we do not have shelter, we can not allow new members. Let’s set aside wood processing.”

On April 1, Heinson had to close the doors of their warehouse: “We were in a warehouse in Kos. We could rent a reasonable amount. The landlord is commercial, and now there are other plans for the place. That means we had to leave.”

‘It doesn’t have to be a fancy place’

In response, the municipality of Kos announced that it would like to help think about a new warehouse: “We do not have a formal relationship with the entertainment workshop. As a municipality, we held a meeting with the entertainment workshop. We are thinking about other accommodation options.”

“So we hope to find something else soon to continue our operations,” Haynes said. “We are looking for a place where we can do a workshop. We do not have many needs. It does not have to be a fancy place, our search area is very spacious, our machines only need power. Tips are very welcome. They can be mailed. They can be sent for entertainment.

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