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Helga Drost has to postpone her trip to Nepal: first for the World Cups

Helga Drost has to postpone her trip to Nepal: first for the World Cups

The driver from development team Frieslan saw the World Cup qualifier as his last chance to ride at international level. She already did this in 2017 when she appeared in Stavanger as a nineteen-year-old girl. Jorien der Mors, Marit Leenstra and Flor van den Brandt thanks to the 500m and Trost makes his debut. Only her appearance at the World Cups was difficult for her: she was young, did not have peers around her and did not enjoy the support of a large business team. It was his only appearance in World Cups till this point.

He set the fastest time in the 1000m on Sunday with 1.15.28. Many of the world’s greatest athletes fell under it, but his competition was enough for the ticket. With fifth place, a new international skating adventure awaits the Frisian. “I crossed the finish line and thought: If this is my last match, it will be a very special match“, Drost said later. She had trained for years and was always sidelined, and riding a good race at WCKT would have been a good farewell. “I had already planned to travel: first to Nepal and then to New Zealand for six months. This morning I found out how to buy a car there.

A lot has changed since his previous participation in the World Cup, but Trost did not skate among them. “I worked really hard, but others jumped, and for me it was just steps. I enjoyed it because I kept taking steps. I didn’t get tired of the game. It’s not easy to join the commercial team, you have to drive a lot. Faster for it. Now I’m showing that I can do it.”

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Drost, who works in an insurance office in addition to his playing career, had to postpone backpacking for a while. “Everything was planned, but skating was my first project. I expected this, but I didn’t expect it. So Trost will have to continue as a skater for a while. “It’s not necessary,” she replies. “I’m happy with it, but I think it’s a small world, through travel. I wanted to expand my horizons. Then I wanted to read. Now everything changes. “

Helga Trost is not going to Nepal yet, but to the World Cups in Japan and China.

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