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Hockey players sure to win the Pro League because of the cancellation

Hockey players will face both Australia and New Zealand twice, but those countries will not be able to come to Europe. The International Hockey Federation FIH has decided to stop playing in those tournaments. Since the participants do not end up with an equal number of matches played, FIH looks at the percentage of points scored to get the final score. With 87.88 percent, orange scores are the best among women.

National coach Alison Annan’s team won eight of ten games and won once through shoot-outs. Argentina lost only once (2-0) in February. In 2019, Orange also won the first edition of the Pro League.

The Dutch men will also close the national match against Belgium on Sunday. Outgoing national coach Max Caldas’ team is fifth in the competition with nine nations, with a score of 54.55. World champion Belgium had an overall victory with 82.05. The Dutch won four of the eleven games and lost three. Of the four duels that ended in a draw, two were won via shoot-outs.

“It’s definitely disappointing not to be able to play in all the matches,” FIH director Theory Weil said. “Still, we were able to complete two-thirds of the project, which is a great achievement that we see in the most challenging situations.”