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Samsung Galaxy A52 is now also getting the upgrade

Samsung is getting faster than expected Galaxy A52 It has already been upgraded to One UI 4.1. The first is the 5G version of the device for the update, which also brings the March patch and GOS fix.

Galaxy A52 update: One UI 4.1 and March 2022 patch

Well, Samsung has upgraded One UI 4.1 as The first Galaxy Z Fold 3 used to be As expected† It surprises us that the Galaxy S21 is not the device that will receive it first. Well, in some other countries Version 4.1 already on S21 series since last week Available – but not yet in the Netherlands. You can actually install the upgrade here on the Galaxy A52.

The update over 1200MB contains firmware version A526BXXU1CVC4, which in turn contains the March patch. But there are two more interesting parts on board. The first, of course, is the One UI 4.1 interface. After installation, you can choose the amount of virtual memory RAM Plus The function used. also, color palette Extended: The selected colors are now applied by default in more apps. Include improvements for SmartThings search, Samsung Health, AR area, And the Google Duo† For reasons that are not clear – just as on the Z Fold 3 – the . file smart widgetwhich is on Galaxy S22 And the S21 with One UI 4.1.

New one Game improvement service

After a riot around the game hyperactive battery optimization – and related Low performance of Galaxy phones – Does Samsung have Game improvement service updated. Galaxy A52 is also getting the new GOS with today’s update. This ensures that game performance is limited at a lower speed, although this may have consequences for power consumption.

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if you are in Game player Across more disgusting game booster You can go under the title lab Now the job Other gaming performance management system Switch.


Today’s update is live now, OTA is available at without brand Galaxy A52 5G in Netherlands and Belgium. if I were branded The model is straight from Vodafone or T-Mobile, or you have an A52 4G, you have to be patient. This also applies to Galaxy A52swhich released the March patch I already gotbut not One UI 4.1 yet.

As always, you will get an automatic notification once an update is ready for your phone. You can always check availability manually via Settings -> Software update -> Download and install

Did you receive the upgrade on your Galaxy A52? Will you come across more innovations? Do you encounter insects?

(Thanks, Willem Petra!)