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Homosexual Belgian murder suspects could be more victims |  Now

Homosexual Belgian murder suspects could be more victims | Now

All three suspects detained on suspicion of involvement in the death of a homosexual in Bevern, Belgium, may have assaulted two more homosexuals. The suspects include two boys aged sixteen and seventeen.

The victim was set up via the Dating App Grinder last weekend and was later beaten to death. His body was found by a cyclist, after which police launched a large-scale investigation.

The force is also investigating whether the trio were responsible for two recent incidents in Beaverton where homosexuals were killed. In Flemish, two homosexuals were recently robbed who were under the presumption that they had met through a dating app for homosexuals.

According to the Belgian newspaper Last message All three suspects are no strangers to the police. The trio had previously been arrested for theft, burglary and robbery. The youths had reported themselves to the police.

Belgium was shocked by the incident. According to the Belgian media, it has been confirmed that 42-year-old David has become a victim of homosexuality. Prime Minister Alexander de Crowe, in solidarity with the LGBTI community, hoisted the rainbow flag at his office and home in Brussels.

“It’s important that we all make it clear together that there is no room for hatred in our country. Everyone here can be themselves, regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity,” De Crew said. Some mayors even hung the flag on the rainbow.