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Venezuelans who fled to the United States are now allowed to stay

Venezuelans who fled to the United States are now allowed to stay

The U.S. government wants to grant temporary residence permits to Venezuelans fleeing the United States. They are not deported and can look for work.

As for the United States, Venezuela has become a country that cannot protect its own citizens. The White House says it is currently not safe to return to Venezuela. Under the rule of President Maduro, the country has been in deep economic and humanitarian crisis in recent years. Millions of people have fled Venezuela.

It is estimated that 320,000 people will apply for a temporary residence permit. Applicants must provide proof of residency in the United States on or before March 8. The residence permit is initially valid for eighteen months.


The Biden government wants to reconsider sanctions against Venezuela. President Biden wants a different approach from his predecessor Trump, who has increased barriers to ousting Maduro. It did not work. Biden does not want to remove sanctions, but wants to use them more specifically so that citizens are not unnecessarily harmed by them.

The United States also wants to pressure Maduro to hold fair elections with Latin America, the European Union and the Caribbean.

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