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How companies are taking full control of their customer experience with no extra costs

Customer service these days can be an immense and sometimes even chaotic task for companies. “Where do I pick up my order?”, “When will this product be back in stock?”, “What do I do if I lost my password?”. Questions like these are becoming increasingly common for customer service centers to receive, as customers are getting lazier and having higher demands for their experience online. The number of active users of the internet grows every day, as both new generations and old generations are getting used to technology and using the internet.

Many companies are suffering under this, having to choose between spending a lot of money, satisfying their customers’ demands and answering their queries, or neglecting some of the responsibility and eventually losing money and customers anyways.

New advances in technology changes the game

This dilemma is however no longer a choice with only two options. With new workflow software, smart technology can automate the customer service workflow, which releases a huge amount of work from customer service departments.

This new technology is able to solve a lot of tasks that workers otherwise have to do manually. Nexcom’s advanced software can recognize specific queries by reading and learning keywords. The software will then send the query to the person in charge of that specific task. This frees up time as you no longer need to have someone manually sort through your whole inbox.

Taking control

When a company chooses to automate such tasks, you might think that it’s an active choice to lose control over their customers’ journey. This is no longer the case, as the intelligent software comes with more than just the workflow management and keyword recognition. Once a customer’s query has been transferred to the responsible employee, the system will save and organize the query. All future correspondence will be filed under the initial file and can easily be found again for later use.

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As such, automating the workflow of your customer service can help you take control of your customer service from start to finish, even without blowing your budget. Once the system is all set up, you’ll be saving time and money straight away. This concept is called hyperconvenience, and it revolves around a system that makes both your job and the customers’ experience better, and more convenient.

Customer Service has never been more important

We live in a time where customer service is more important than ever. This has already resulted in many companies investing in software and machine learning, in order for companies to adjust to a new, globalized market. With the internet becoming increasingly accessible for everyone, the markets are expanding. This means that more people will be able to offer similar products to yours and provide the service you do. This is, unless you improve and adapt to the circumstances that surround us all.

Investing in customer service has never been more appropriate, as customers are aware that they can just go to the next result in their Google Search to find what they need.