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Justice in the United States canceled the investigation into Trump’s former security …

The U.S. Justice Department has dropped a criminal investigation into John Bolton, a former defense adviser to former President Donald Trump. It has been contacted by Bolton’s lawyer. Bolton has been accused of sharing confidential information in his book at the White House for 17 months.

Bolton outlined in his book published last year The room where it took place The devastating picture of the then president. The Trump administration tried in vain to prevent the publication of this book because it would endanger national security. It was also announced in September that a criminal investigation was underway to determine whether Bolton had leaked confidential information.

The New York Times now reports that government advisers have ruled that Bolton’s case is political and that the trial is unlikely to succeed. Both the trial and the lawsuit seeking $ 2 million for Bolton’s book are pending.

According to Bolton’s attorney, the Justice Department “has blatantly admitted that Trump and his White House officials acted illegally.” The ministry has not yet responded.

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