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How much does a built-in pool cost?  And what loan can you get for it?  † money

How much does a built-in pool cost? And what loan can you get for it? † money

Spaargids.beHave you been dreaming of a swimming pool in the garden for a while, but you do not have enough money right away to pay for it right away? Then the loan offers a possible solution. It discusses the possibilities.

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For the construction of a swimming pool you can count on expenses ranging from 20,000 to 40,000 euros. For a swimming pool, the amount is already from 50,000 to 60,000 euros. Intermediate formula – a container converted into a swimming pool with filters and heating costs about 25,000 euros. So the swimming facilities are not cheap. If you want to get a loan for a swimming pool, there are several options.

1. Classic Finance

You can choose a renewal loan, where the bank gives you a loan without many procedures and repays it according to an agreed rhythm. For example, you can Belvius Get a loan of 40 thousand euros at an interest rate of 2.49 percent, to be repaid in 60 monthly tranches of 709.22 euros. Then, in addition to your capital of €40,000, you will also pay interest of €2.553.20.

adviceWatch here How much do banks currently require for renewal loans?

2. Mortgage loan

You can also get a mortgage. In addition, your bank offers a mortgage guarantee. For example in your home. If you don’t pay off your loan properly later on, the bank can sell the house. She can then use the proceeds to pay off the amount owed on the loan.

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In principle, such a loan is cheaper because the bank has an additional guarantee. For example, you can borrow at 2.20 percent. For a loan of 40 thousand euros over 5 years, this will result in 60 monthly installments of 704.23 euros. After this period, you would have paid 2,253.91 interest plus €40,000 borrowed capital. Here you can simulate how much you will have to repay with a mortgage loan

Please note: The mortgage loan must be included in a deed issued by a notary. This entails additional costs. Under current conditions, these costs are greater than the benefit of lower interest rates.

3. Re-register

But perhaps there is a solution after all. This is the case if you took out a mortgage years ago, and you have already paid off a large amount of it. You can borrow the capital that you have already returned without having to register a new guarantee with a notary. You only need to take into account the account file costs charged by your bank. Usually it is around 500 euros. If you recover, you must pay the mortgage interest today. This option also applies only to new loans that fall within thirty years after obtaining the original mortgage loan. Simulate your home loan refinancing here

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