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Hugo Matissen says goodbye to Clement Berns: "Why ...

Hugo Matissen says goodbye to Clement Berns: “Why …

Hugo Matissen says goodbye to Clément Berns

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Flanders is considered one of the poorest masters of pop: Hugo Matissen (65) puts Clement Pernes in the closet. 35 years after Hurt, from The Palace of Lies To the festival stages, the country’s most famous sticky mustache will finally bid farewell next year with a farewell show.

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Peulengaleis, Sportpaleis, in the city or among the “farmers”: not a corner in Flanders where Clement Berens has spent the past decades Antwerps will not preach. Hugo Matthysen’s alter ego saw the light of day on Stubru in the early ’90s The Palace of Lies – which later fell on the canvas for Century Kitchen She grew into a stage performer from 1994 onwards. With shows at almost every medium-sized festival in Flanders and even its own funny shows BELBOPdelivery as a result.

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Matissen received support all those years from Ronnie Musos, disguised as bassist Sylvain Artbelin and Bart Peters. Due to hearing problems, his type Fatty Swa behind the drums was replaced by Lady Dave, the character of Aram van Ballaert. Although the official version says that Swa had to drop out of school because he is in a Thai prison. Like The Clement Peerens Explosition, CPeX in short, the company has recorded (cult) results with fat loAnd Forwig employment Find my hole (not too fat in this rock).


In September, Peerens appeared to be temporarily inactive. In 2022, Mathiesen will visit theaters with Mosuse and Van Ballaert to play songs from his own works. Now the break appears to be final: on December 20, 2022, CPeX will perform one last time in its home city of Antwerp, in de Rome.

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Mathisen gives no reason to say goodbye. He only responds through Clement Burns: “There Did you do no work. I won’t comment this on you, because you won’t understand it anyway.”

Clement Peerens’ final concert tickets are on sale from Friday 10 a.m. via

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