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Huis Den Lombaert's protected building in Bruges got a new destination after restoration

Huis Den Lombaert’s protected building in Bruges got a new destination after restoration

Bruges City Council has granted permission to reuse, renovate and restore the protected building “Huis Den Lombaert” in Langestraat. “The main building is protected as a monument and the park is included in the open space policy plan as a valuable green space. The garden wall in Ferbund Newland also has significant heritage value,” Alderman told Spatial Planning Frankie Dimon. The buildings are now being converted into a multi-family home, terraced house and co-working space.

The building to the right of the monument, which has no heritage value (between numbers 21 and 23), will be demolished. A new storage unit will be built on this site, containing the functions of the ground floor apartment such as sanitary facilities, dressing room and bedroom. The annex provides a sleeping area “in” the garden, so to speak.

Another futuristic view of the protected building © City of Bruges

“This volume has been pulled, both on the street side and in the back, for the monument. In this way, the choice is made to place a building belonging to the monument,” says Damon. The promenade also remains lower than the main building on both sides.

In this way, an architecturally interesting secondary volume is provided. A light gray wood facade was chosen, a type of ribbed facade. Large openings were provided in the facade, which were made of bronze aluminum.

Single family home

A single-family home will be built on the first floor of the new building. There are living areas on the first floor with a balcony behind the gate frame. This will not be visible from the street. The stairs are also at the back. On the second floor there are living and office areas, the bedrooms are under the roof.

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In terms of architecture, the rear facade of this new volume is in line with the facade and also with the extension of the ground floor. In this way, this is tested together as a single intervention. The new size cornice is one meter less than the current size to be demolished.

Seven workplaces

At the back of the garden there is a now paved area. In this location there will be a parking space on the ground floor. A bike shed and six parking spaces will be provided here. There will be a ladder too. Office space will be provided on the first floor. There will be a total of seven working spaces and a meeting room. This space is open on the roof.

This volume is separated from the plot boundary with the Karmeliet, protected as a monument, and also keeps a distance from the wall on the street side on the first floor. The wall in Burnt Nieuwland is also referred to as a precious wall and nothing will be changed on it or on it. The same wood was used in this building as in the other interventions. The floor consists of glass, hand-cast gray stone and wood.


“The park is being redesigned with respect for the existing green spaces. After all, the park is included as a valuable park, according to the Zodiac’s spatial policy plan, and we should cherish these green oases in the city center,” says Damon. The landscape gardener shares the file. There are four open parking spaces at the entrance. In total, there are ten parking spaces on site.

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A protected green oasis in the center of Bruges.
A protected green oasis in the center of Bruges. © City of Bruges

Two housing units are provided in the same “Den Lumbar” memorial. One housing unit located on the ground floor of the monument and in the new extension. The second residence is a duplex apartment on the first and second floor. The living rooms are on the first floor and the bedrooms are above. All spaces are private in the house

The volume containing a single-family home is deeper than the Langestraat 23 volume. As a result, the boundaries of the plot have to be changed. This change is provided in full brick masonry. Frankie Damon concludes, “This is a great example of how protected heritage can be promoted and where history and modernity go hand in hand.”