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Igor Lab: Nvidia RTX 4090 gets 600W TBP, AD102 GPU pin compatible with GA102

Igor Lab: Nvidia RTX 4090 gets 600W TBP, AD102 GPU pin compatible with GA102

Rumors have been circulating for some time about the increased power consumption of the next generation of video cards. For example, the top model of Nvidia’s upcoming Lovelace GPUs will have a tbp of at least 600W, which is expected to be powered by the new 12VHPWR connector. Igor’s lab confirms the above ability, as well as discussing more information about Lovelace.

For example, Igor Walllossek claims to have received an image showing a PCB of a premature reference design based on AD102. From this we can conclude that Nvidia has selected 24 power phases and four more for gddr6x memory. There is room for twelve memory sticks, which means that the card will actually supply 24 GB.

In order to protect his sources, among other things, Walllossek made a drawing based on the image received.

Notably, the AD102 (Ada Lovelace) chip will use the same pin layout as the GA102 GPU of the RTX 3090 (Ti) and RTX 3080 (Ti). This means that Nvidia’s board partners should be able to reuse some of their existing PCBs and coolers for RTX 4090 or 4080-based models, which should eliminate a lot of development time and cost for these manufacturers.

Earlier today, we wrote about the 16-pin pcie 5.0 adapter above. In order to provide 600 watts, these cards will come with an adapter that combines a minimum of four 8-pin sockets.

In terms of cooling, Nvidia is said to be planning to use a three-slot air cooler for higher models, while partners are likely to opt for versions running 3.5 expansion slots. According to Walllossek, this makes it likely that many models will weigh more than 2kg.

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