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Will Sony launch Game Pass next week?

It may be that next week Sony will announce its counterpart to Xbox Game Pass. This is a new rumor that Bloomberg has launched to the world. Sony is said to be planning to launch the new service as early as next week. It will be about the launch of the Spartacus project, which leaked earlier.

Journalist Jason Schreyer, who is usually very reliable, is said to have spoken to people familiar with the plans surrounding the service. These could have indicated that next week might be the time for the announcement.

Sony, codenamed Spartacus, will consider a service that specs three different subscriptions. The first and cheapest subscription will also be similar to the current PlayStation Plus. The second subscription will also include the catalog of PS4 and PS5 games as well as the benefits of the first subscription. In addition to the above, the third and most expensive subscription also provides access to PS classics from older platforms.

With this new service, it will keep Sony PS+ in the saddle and eventually make PlayStation Now go away.

source: Bloomberg

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