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Mexico’s op-twee-na-rijkste man: “koop nu bitcoin (BTC)”

“koop nu bitcoin (BTC)” » Crypto Insiders

Ricardo Salinas Bellego, one of Mexico’s richest people and billionaires, is known as Bitcoin (BTC) bull. His support for bitcoin goes back to 2016. At the time, he was said to have even invested in Cryptocurrency When Bitcoin was only $800. Pliego late on Twitter Know that his confidence in Bitcoin is higher than ever and advise people to invest as soon as possible.

Ricardo Salinas Bligo

according to a sheet Bitcoin is a good alternative to the traditional financial system. He recently called all fiat currencies fraudulent and indicated that he would be happy to own only bitcoin for the next 30 years.

Once again, Pliego criticizes this traditional financial system. In particular, he criticizes current policies in the United States. According to him, the country is starting to look more and more like a developing country. In particular, Bleigault says, the US central bank’s continued printing of seemingly endless money is highly irresponsible.

With massive amounts of money being printed and released into circulation, inflation is spiraling through the roof. Similar patterns can of course be seen elsewhere in the world. The European Central Bank also recently printed a huge amount of money.

Bitcoin vs Inflation

Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin has a strict limit when it comes to the number of bitcoins in circulation. There will be no more than 21 million bitcoins Generalization. For this reason, many analysts and investors, including Ricardo Salinas Blego, argue that bitcoin is an excellent way for investors to protect themselves from ever-increasing inflation.

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So his advice is simple: “Buy bitcoin now.” Pliego argues that bitcoin is the new digital gold. According to Pliego, the Use cases Bitcoin and gold are similar, but bitcoin is superior because it is easier to trade.