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I'm done with "Smartest Person", and I have to name Natalie Meskins as the loser of the week

I’m done with “Smartest Person”, and I have to name Natalie Meskins as the loser of the week

We braved Eric van Looy’s Marseille, jabs from director Robin Brunt and guttural chants similar to the screams of raped poultry in our weekly look at… The smartest person in the world.

Ronald Meuse

The result

1. Alex Agnew: 8 episodes, 2 wins

2. Vin Germains: 6 rings, 4 wins

3. Maureen VanHerbergen: 5 rings, 3 wins

4. Robin Brunt: 4 rings, 0 wins

5. Elizabeth Lucy Payten: 3 episodes, two wins

Who tested the best?

Where are the germans! Director Rubin greeted the StuBru presenter on Wednesday with a “good mustache!” She played with pride after a thrilling final, but over the first two days – and indeed on Wednesday as well – she put her foot down Winning series And it has continued tirelessly since last week. She’s one of those rare candidates who makes everything look easy, from coming up with answers to questions to putting up with the jury’s banter. In the standings, Alex Agnew has a slightly stronger record in terms of entries, but Germijns stayed in her chair twice longer than Agnew while he had to compete for the final.

Bront, who has shown himself as a tactician in the three finals he has played in the meantime, will return to action on Monday and could therefore move up a bit in this classification.

Who was the biggest loser?

site below! Which I almost forgot was a very annoying program The smartest person It can be sometimes. All this ha-ha-ha-ha-ha: it still makes me crazy. And yes, that’s easy to say, 21 years later The smartest personyou must be doing something right, but you can also say that about Vladimir Putin, for example.

Well, in the spirit of real professional seriousness, I’ve read the whole thing, so I have to appoint Natalie Meskins as my fool of the week. She performed better than she expected during her debut on Monday, battling bravely in both finals, but losing early in the second match to Bronte once again.

Who was the surprise?

Comedian Jade Mintjens did a good job in her two entries, quickly realizing, especially in the puzzle and picture rounds, that the sometimes somewhat drunken thinking The smartest personEditors gone. Perhaps skill is more important to win than ready-made knowledge. Next week, presenter Manu van Acker, who was allowed to sit quietly in his seat on Thursday while the final was being conducted, will be the one to keep in mind.

Manu Van Acker will be a candidate for monitoring.Image of S.S

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What made us laugh the most?

Most jokes in The smartest person They are the type that would be shown the door to someone in a bathroom loft. Especially on Wednesday, the two jurors, Bart Kahnerz and Hermann Brusselmans, spiced things up a bit weakly, with one even being noticeably hesitant. Maybe the jury should be smaller, so big daredevils like Jan Jaap van der Waal can get more screen time. However, our ancestors only had the name Rick Turfs The smartest person-One-man jury, so it could always be worse.

Among the array of really bad jokes that happened last week, there were also a few passable ones. There was also a useful joke in Robin Brontë’s tales about the battles he fought during his years as a teenager and in his twenties navigating life.

But our moment of laughter was the video question posed by actor Jeroen Percival on Monday’s episode, who began his segment with a series of guttural noises that a mountain gorilla would be jealous of, then asked what the candidates knew about de Kreuners.

What is the better question?

No, not that round photo with the deceptively shaped food items from Wednesday’s episode. We liked the photo tour best, where the choirs of the Belgian Eurovision participants such as Jennifer Jennings And Soldiers of love It had to be sung. Our favorite for last week finally dropped on Monday, when the nominees had to sing songs in guttural, bagpipe-like voices. Finn Germains scored the strongest point in this one, and Natalie Meskens’ effort looked like – in Van der Waals’ words – “a chicken being raped”.

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