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Impact of favorite car colors and insurance in Spain

Madrid – As we have already described in this article 360,057 new cars were sold in Spain from the beginning of January to the end of May. But what is the favorite color for car buyers? It turns out that the majority of new car owners choose the same color, but what is the most popular color car in Spain and does the color of the car affect the amount of insurance?

From the data from Unoauto It turns out that there is a fight between the most beloved color cars in Spain. White is still the most popular color and about 25% choose a white car because it is usually the cheapest version.

However, more and more people (25%) choose the gray car because this color is more elegant and sensible than the black. Black is in third place with 12% with blue. The color red is not very popular yet, 5% of buyers choose this striking color.

Also, many car buyers choose special and striking colors, many of which are available today. But in general, the most commonly purchased colors are still white, gray, black, blue and red. But do these colors affect insurance coverage?


There is a rumor that one has to pay more or less insurance premium in Spain for a particular color car. Whether that is true or not is not 100% proven, but according to many users of specialized forums for car enthusiasts, it is in practice. Owners of red or dark colored cars in Spain are said to pay more for their car insurance.

This also applies to yellow, gray and black cars, according to a survey conducted in Spain a few years ago. In New Zealand, white and gray cars pay a lower premium because their owners have fewer accidents. In contrast, owners of darker cars such as red, brown, and black pay a higher premium because they are more likely to be involved in accidents.

In Spain, a study was once conducted at the University of Granada in 1993-1999, which showed that the color of a car also affects the driver’s driving behavior. Drivers in light-colored and white cars showed less aggressive driving behavior and were less involved in accidents. This is in stark contrast to the gray, red, black and blue hotels that are often involved in accidents.

Some colors seem to influence driving behavior and the number of accidents, so make sure insurance premiums are low or high. Just as there is a difference between male and female drivers and car making and the type or province in which one lives, the color of a car is probably also considered.

According to Spanish insurance companies the color of the car is not taken into account and other factors such as the age, gender, driving history and year of manufacture of the car have a greater influence on the insurance premium to be paid.

According to the umbrella system of insurance companies in Spain, it is important that insurers choose what color car. Not for the amount of premiums, but for safety, because light-colored cars have better visibility and are therefore less prone to accidents. No statement was issued regarding driving behavior.

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