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“In Anderlecht one has to sow in the bag, Club Brugge is the favourite.” |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

“In Anderlecht one has to sow in the bag, Club Brugge is the favourite.” | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

With Anderlecht-Club Brugge, one of the classics of Belgian football is shown on Sundays. In the event of a win, RSCA could come alongside Brugge in the standings. With the win, the club can put its rival from Brussels with 6 points. Don’t miss the match here, kick-off at 1.30pm.

  1. Advance, 10 hours 41. In Anderlecht one has to sow in the bag. Not much left of the “process” and many young people. Wim Dekunin.
  2. before 10:37 a.m. De Koninck: “It’s a big challenge for Anderlecht to get to the club.” With Anderlecht Brugge, the two most successful Belgian clubs are facing each other. Football analyst Wim de Koninck looked to the top on Radio 1 this morning. In particular, he sees that the situation in both clubs is very different. “The club has had years of good management. In Anderlecht it is very different: there is a lot of debt and you have to sow the seeds. Anderlecht has been rebuilt again and there is not much left of the ‘operation’ with many youngsters expected soon at the base, where it stops. in terms of her youth.” & nbsp; How does De Coninck estimate opportunities today? “Anderlecht is only three points away from Klopp, who already has surprising points. It’s a big challenge for Anderlecht, if they win they will be by the club. Then we might have an exciting competition.” The club won the CL title in Leipzig earlier this week. Will those victories have an effect? “It gives a club like this a boost, even though that match was physically demanding. But after the draw against Paris Saint-Germain, the club’s performance was slightly exaggerated in Charleroi, despite the late victory. Today the people of Brugge will find a very zealous opponent who will reduce their They are less than Leipzig. But the club remains the favorite.” .
  3. In advance, 10 a.m. 26. We’re once again in the rebuilding phase, and hopefully we’ll be back in full for the second part of the season, although that could start earlier. Vincent Company.
  4. Advance, 10 am 25.
  5. In advance, 10 hours 24.
  6. In advance, at 10 am. 21. Topper Match Day 10. With FC Anderlecht – Club Brugge, a true football classic is on the agenda today. With a win, Anderlecht could end up on the club’s side, and Brugge could trail Anderlecht by 6 points with a win. At Sporza you won’t miss anything from the match, with text updates or live broadcasts via Radio 1. The start will be in Astridpark at 1.30pm. .
  7. In advance, 10 a.m. 9 p.m.
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