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Sonck supports Witsel's quick comeback: 'The national coach knows more than we do' |  European Football Championship 2020

Sonck supports Witsel’s quick comeback: ‘The national coach knows more than we do’ | European Football Championship 2020

Wesley Sonck was a guest at yesterday’s Facebook session. The former Red Devil did not understand that there were so many questions about Axel Witsel’s quick return. “Why are we Flemish always so pessimistic? The national coach knows what he’s doing,” he says.

As coach of Belgium’s under-19 national team, Wesley Sonic knows how the Red Devils operate. As a result, they understand Axel Witsel’s quick comeback.

“The amount of data is huge these days,” he explains. “It allows them to see exactly what’s going on with the player.”

“In the meantime, the national coach really knows if Witsel is fully fit and ready to play. Only he knows, we know nothing.”

“Levin Mischalek and Dr. DeKlerk lifted a corner of the veil just yesterday,” Sonk says.

Thanks to the data, Martinez knows more about Witsel than we do.

Wesley Sonic

“Why do we have so many doubts about him? I’ve seen Shaqiri play, he’s only played 5 games for Liverpool this season and I haven’t heard anyone ask about it.”

“Witsel has been part of our best generation of Belgians for years,” Sonck says. “You no longer have any doubts about that.”

Witsel is on training in Denmark, where he is likely to return.

About the great nucleus of the Red Devils

Wesley Sonk agreed that the Belgians had the luxury at their disposal as the injured returned.

“The team doesn’t go down when substitutions are made,” says the former striker. “Roberto Martinez will really make sure the level is guaranteed.”

“We no longer need to formulate our best in 11. We have a lot of options and we can beat anyone in this tournament.”

“Lukaku is in the shape of his life. I don’t see any other striker outside of Lukaku in a country who does well with his national team,” Sonk continued during the Q&A game on our Facebook page.

“Maybe Ronaldo, but he was also absent for a long time yesterday. Let’s say Hazard is now growing to his best levels. That can only be a surplus for the rest of the tournament.”

Hazard is a completely different person in Belgium than at Real Madrid.

Wesley Sonic

“Hazard is a completely different Hazard in the national team than Real Madrid. They don’t play as him there. He feels good in Belgium. You see him smiling in every picture and that’s a very important indicator.”

Wesley Sonic sees Hazard feeling good about the Red Devils.

About the future of the Red Devils

What about the much-discussed ending of this golden generation? Wesley Sonek sees a lot of potential in the young Belgians.

“England, Spain and France are head and shoulder,” he believes, “but we don’t do anything so bad for such a small country. We have very nice players.”

“Actually, this is very difficult, because the countries on the list have a much larger pond to fish from.”

Certainly, the chances of getting an international award are not over yet.

Wesley Sonic

“You also shouldn’t forget the role of the tire,” Sonk says. “You can’t only build with good players.”

“It’s a good management process. Players gain more experience and together they grow to the peak. The supply of new players remains consistent.”

“No, our chances of getting an international award certainly don’t end soon,” concludes Sonk.

“Compared to Lukaku, I was average”

Wesley Sonic realizes: “Personally, I want to play for this Red Devils. Would I have gotten a place? That’s another story.”

“It wasn’t Romelu Lukaku, I think. He’s fantastic in every sense of the word.”

“I played two more internationals with him. I was average and a different level. I would have liked to carry his sports bag.”

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