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‘In Pakistan we were eating bitterness and strobwaffles’ | Life

Excellent travel memory

In 2003 we had a three month vacation and went to Australia, New Zealand and The Cook Islands. We went to Rarotonga main island and from there we went to Aitudaki island. It is said to be the most beautiful pool in the world and we can confirm it. White beaches, deep blue sea, countless fishes. A good memory of our Patagonia trip and then to Easter Island. We really wanted to see the Perito Moreno Glacier; This is huge.


We had to stay one night in Karachi, Pakistan. We had booked a hotel in the center. Before we knew it, a man was stuffing our bags. He took us to the waiting car and we thought it was a taxi. We had booked a big, well-known hotel, but he could not find it. I gave the driver the amount I recommended at the hotel. He started screaming. He asked $ 100 instead of 15!

We entered the hotel like a rabbit. There it turned out to be Holland Week: everything was decorated with flags and windmills, and there were herring, bitter gourds and strobwaffles. We laughed a lot with relief, but in the car we were so scared.

Lost suitcases

When we flew to Istanbul for a four-week car tour, it became clear that our suitcases were still in Brussels. We had to buy everything for the first few days and four days later the suitcases were returned to our hotel.

Always eaten crazy

We will have lunch with a nomadic family on our tour of Mongolia. The guides killed a lamb and traditionally prepared it in a milk jug with hot stones. In the morning at our camp, the lamb came into our tent and I put it on my head. After breakfast everything was packed and loaded into jeeps. We had to move, and a tank with all kinds of pieces of meat was placed at our feet; Lamb I petted an hour ago. That day I only ate vegetarian lunch.

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