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In the map.  Many people in your municipality have already been vaccinated over the age of 65 |  The interior

In the map. Many people in your municipality have already been vaccinated over the age of 65 | The interior

By May 8, at least 70 percent of those over the age of 65 in Belgium should have been vaccinated for at least the first time and be protected from the Coronavirus. This means that this limit must be reached two weeks in advance for the vaccine to work in the meantime. This achievement appears to be possible in Flanders. You can see for yourself where your municipality is on the map and in the schedule.

The vaccination rate among people over the age of 65 is highest in Lummen, Limburg: 72.42 percent of the older population has already been vaccinated at least once. In Londerzeel and Gistel they are already over 70 percent, more than a hundred other municipalities range from 60 to 70 percent.

The least distant one is Herstappe, but this is mainly a statistical anomaly as the country’s smallest municipality has very few residents. Other municipalities that have a slightly lower vaccination rate for those over 65 at present, such as Balen and Kortessem, are just over 40 percent.

The table also shows the general vaccination coverage and the oldest vaccination coverage in your municipality. The numbers show the percentage of at least partial pollination.

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Yesterday, Flemish Wouter Beke (CD&V) already stated that Flanders will reach the 70 percent vaccination threshold among 65-year-olds over the next week. Flanders is currently at 57.63 percent, so it looks effectively possible.

It is also possible that other areas will hit the target, but the question is whether or not they will suddenly hit their ceiling. An additional breakdown by age shows that Brussels, for example, is stuck at around 68 percent for both those over the age of 85 and 75 to 84. As a result, people in their 50s are now being vaccinated, and high-risk patients under the age of 45 have been invited to be vaccinated.

In Flanders, many more elderly people are vaccinated: among those over 85, the vaccination rate is now 91 percent, and 75 to 84 years old are also close to 90 percent. With more people from this age group being vaccinated, Flanders isn’t far into the 1960s yet.

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