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The Prosecutor is trying former Minister Luc van den Bosch and 13 others in the Optima Bank case  The interior

The Prosecutor is trying former Minister Luc van den Bosch and 13 others in the Optima Bank case The interior

The East Flanders Prosecutor’s Office wants to refer fourteen people and companies to the criminal court in the Optima file. De Tigde learned this came in the Public Prosecution’s long, 225-page final lawsuit.

In addition to former Optima CEO Jeroen Piqueur, his son and son-in-law, and bankrupt Optima Bank, it also has to do with ex Optima directors Jo Viaene, Philip De Hulsters, Frank Vincent, Jan De Paepe, head of the legal department at Optima, and the Luxembourg insurance company Lombard that deals with With her Optima.

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A wonderful name among the fourteen is that of former Socialist Minister Luc van den Bosch (73). He became president of financial services provider Optima in 2008 and was CEO of Optima Bank from late 2011 to early 2015, after which he was chairman of the board of directors of Optima Global Estate until June 2016.

Jeroen Picure. © Photo Belga

Van den Bosch’s attorney Walter van Stenbrug was surprised. “No charges were brought against my client during the investigation. He was only heard twice in this case. I have no knowledge of the final claim yet, so it will not be difficult to refute any allegations.”

The judicial investigation mainly concerned about 100 million euros that could have been withdrawn from Optima in Belgium through structures in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. These were proceeds from Optima’s collaboration with Lombard. This happened before Optima Bank was created in 2011, but according to investigators, the money transfer ultimately hurt Optima Bank.

The case will go to court on June 16, which will decide who goes to the dock.

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