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In the map.  Positivity rises to more than 13 percent in Wallonia.  View the situation in your area here |  Coronavirus is spreading

In the map. Positivity rises to more than 13 percent in Wallonia. View the situation in your area here | Coronavirus is spreading

The number of new infections with the Corona virus in our country It no longer ejaculatesBut the picture is distorted due to a decrease in the number of tests during Easter days. These graphs and maps show how the situation is developing in your county and municipality.

How many infections are there in your county?

Average is now calculated for each day 3,884 new infections Registered in Belgium. That’s an 8 percent increase in the week. The numbers are distorted by the additional Easter holiday, few of which have been tested. As a result, the number of infections detected this week without a holiday is artificially higher than the previous week.

The situation differs from province to province. Not a single county recorded a decline in our linguistic area. West Flanders The largest increase is observed, from 294 cases per day to 348 (+18.64 percent). After a brief period LimburgThere is an increase from 269 cases to 313 (+ 16.19%). at East Flanders The daily average increased by 12.79% (from 484 to 546 injuries per day). As well as in Antwerp The daily average increased by 11.17% (from 455 to 506). at Flemish Brabant The increase is smaller: from 251 to 261 injuries per day (+ 4.22 percent).

Wallonia It gets greener, except in Liège (+23.14 percent) and in Hino (+ 9.47%), which shows increases. Other provinces are recording declines: Luxembourg (-4.27 percent), Names (-5.13 percent), Walloon Brabant (-5.01 percent)

remains BrusselsAn average of 428 injuries are now recorded there every day, a decrease of 4.68 percent compared to 449 a week ago.

Tap or click the county to view all numbers in detail:

The above map is colored accordingly Difference In cases of infection compared to the previous week; Colors say nothing about it Number Infections. The situation could improve in a county, with green on the map, but at the same time it could still be fraught with danger.

So we show the number in the map below Infections in the last 14 daysContradicts it Population To allow for a better comparison. This is what is called Dropp off. For example, the numbers go up the most Liège, But that county had the third lowest rate. Luxembourg and Namur The worst result with an occurrence of at least 752 and 720.


The positivity ratio, which is the share of positive tests out of the total, provides a better and more stable picture with fewer tests. The higher the number, the worse. The ratio will continue, according to the World Health Organization, for at least two weeks A maximum of 5 percent To let him look at the epidemic under control.

The percentage of positivity is much higher than 5. Everywhere, especially under language boundaries, the number is above average. All governorates recorded a positive rate higher than 10 percent, with peaks Names (13.38 percent), Hino (13.06 percent).

How many casualties are in your municipality?

Below on the map we identified the number Infection per 100,000 inhabitants per municipality In the long run: the darker the color, the more Recorded injuries in the total of the last 14 days. Sciensano publishes this parameter only for municipalities.

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The table below shows the same numbers, but is ranked by which municipality has the most infections per 100,000 inhabitants. You can search for your municipality in the search window, or sort the table according to different categories.

How many patients are hospitalized every day?

The chart below shows the number of patients present They are being hospitalized every day by Covid-19, Broken down by province and using the seven-day average.

How many patients are in hospitals?

In the graph below we also show the evolution of a Total hospital occupationDivided by province.