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Injured David Goffin can't compete with Hubert Hurkacz and leaves Roland Garros |  Roland Garros

Injured David Goffin can’t compete with Hubert Hurkacz and leaves Roland Garros | Roland Garros

David Goffin 48


Hubert Hurkaczy 13Crown12

No place in the 1/8 final for our compatriot David Goffin at Roland Garros. He lost in his match to Pole Hubert Hurkacz (ATP-13) after three fairly fast sets: 5-7, 2-6 and 1-6. Goffin also experienced groin pain as the game progressed.

Goffin and Hurkacz know each other through and through, as they are training partners. So the first group was completely equal. Only in the final final Hurkacz got on the accelerator for a while and eventually won the first set: 5-7.

Goffin playing well was still upset about that loss and didn’t get into his familiar rhythm after that. Hurkacz clearly had the upper hand and only lost 3 matches in Groups 2 and 3 together. Guffin was also regularly limp and had hip pain.

Hurkacz qualifies with relative ease for the 1/8 finals in Paris and will compete against Italy’s Lorenzo Sonego or Norway’s Casper Ruud. For Goffin, it’s unforgiving in Paris.

Then, David Goffin also confirmed that after his second-round match against Francis Tiafoe, he was already suffering from a sore left thigh and hasn’t been able to train much since. Goffin noted that there will now be a respite and that he hopes to prepare optimally for the turf season after that.

David Goffin: We can’t move anymore

After that, an excited David Goffin made his point in the previous match: “At the end of the first time I made a wrong move,” he opened his account. “I actually injured my left thigh against Tiafoe and at that point things got worse.”

“I was fine in the match and didn’t want to disappoint all the fans who were there. In the end it was a difficult task for Hurkacz, an impossible task. I was in so much pain.”

“I couldn’t move properly anymore. It sucks, but I can’t do anything about it now.”

There will now be investigations: “I don’t know exactly what I have yet. I’m coming straight from the field. The pain is in my muscle, in my left hip.”

“We’ll do the investigation and then we’ll see. I hope to be back on my feet soon.”

The goal of the match

  1. 6 p.m. 21 – Horkaches to the fourth round. No more miracle for David Goffin. Hubert Hurkacz is also a pretty big size in his last tackle and is making his way to the 1/8 finals in Paris in two hours. In the next round he meets Rod or Sunejo. †
  2. 6 p.m. 16. It doesn’t look like there will be a 1/8 final for Goffin. Hurkacz shows why he’s close to the top 10 players in the world and plays our compatriot sometimes off the wall. Electrode passes through Goffin send back: 1-5. The end is near. †
  3. 6 PM 01. Worst-case scenario for Goffin. Hurkacz immediately won the service game of our compatriot. False start – with the possibility of return in mind. †
  4. 17 x 42. Goffin owes 0-2. The second group also goes to Hurkacz. Polish power “beaten” Goffin with his powerful blows. To the third set, can Goffin capitalize on his excellent technique? †
  5. 17:40 Goffin doesn’t seem to be fully recovering from the damper in Group 1. After a few frustrating matches, our compatriot is facing a 1-4 deficit. Goffin might save to turn the tide. †
  6. 17h 22. The first group goes to Hurkacz. After 50 minutes of play, David Goffin cracked after all. With a late break, his Polish opponent takes the first set (7-5). †
  7. 4:45 p.m. Goffin 3-3 Hurkacheps. Playing against your training buddy has its pros and cons. You know his weaknesses, but he knows yours, too. Likewise, Goffin and Hurkacz balance each other out at the start of a balanced match. & nbsp; †
  8. 4 pm 23. The first game goes to Hurkacz. Although he had a lot of feet in the gravel. Guffin immediately pressed the pole and twice approached the demon. A good start is half the battle? †
  9. 4 pm 17. Get started! David Goffin walks on the Parisian cobblestone. Our citizen is preparing for the third round of Roland Garros. With his “old” friend Hubert Hurkacz seemingly a formidable opponent in his eyes. †
  10. 28-05-2022.
  11. It’s 13:41. David is playing really well now. Since the start of the clay court season, he has found his top level once again. He’s another dangerous player. It will be a battle. † Hubert Hurkacz.
  12. It’s 11 a.m. 41. I’m going to have to play as if I were in Rome. I will try to make him walk a lot and tire him out, as in the face of Tiafoe. It will be a beautiful match. David Goffin.
  13. 11:00 41.
  14. 11:38. “Hubi” is a very nice player, probably one of the nicest on the track. He lives in Monaco, where we often train together. David Goffin.
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