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Instagram is testing unskippable commercials

That’s right, not wanting to is different from not being able to do it. By affordability, I also mean that you shouldn’t spend more on subscriptions than you do on groceries. When you look around like that it’s scandalous. Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram want you to pay or else your free time will be ruined by commercials. On TV, it’s so annoying that you can’t do anything about it if you really want to watch TV. YouTube has ads. This is the only thing I would pay for because it would be a real inconvenience if my viewing pleasure was disrupted (I have an Apple TV, so I have to pay)

But people have more subscriptions, TV, internet, gym, cell phones, and I know what else. Streaming services maybe. For movies and/or music. The costs can then add up quite a bit.

And then you still have to buy things to survive. This is part of it. But others are just for relaxation (watching movies and listening to music) but they don’t feel very relaxed because of those commercials.

The only commercials I don’t mind too much are Facebook. They know exactly what I like. So more time on the app. Except for a few things. Like Herman Miller Mock. Consider leaving with that expensive junk.

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