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The Flemish government allocates €1.2 million for cybersecurity in education – IT Pro – News

If I believe the stories, half of primary and secondary education takes place on Chromebooks. I don’t think they immediately understand or fear much about Cobalt Strike. Then reset the device and continue working. The fact that there is all this data on the street, there is a risk of influence, and the school principal is not jointly and individually responsible for that, so I have the impression that people quickly think that everything is fine as it is.

Therefore, much focus should be placed on school principals specifically. If they don’t even understand that participation in education is mandatory and that by making a big deal with Google, you are systematically teaching children and their parents to downplay their privacy and underestimate risks, all this despite AVG/GDPR legislation, then it is wrong to expect that I I don’t think cybersecurity will improve anytime soon. Things like these often go hand in hand in compliance. We hope that €1.2 million will also be allocated to awareness, which seems to me to be the most important starting point.

Otherwise you’ll have to keep scanning with the tap open, just like with those Chromebooks. Because it’s nice, easy and cheap, of course, and unfortunately it’s easy and cheap to continue working without security. We can only take real steps in this regard when one accepts that digital fraud and more general cybercrime are a socially possible phenomenon, and accepts that education must set a good example.