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Installers from the Limburg business community paid more than $400 million

Installers from the Limburg business community paid more than $400 million

Investment firm LRM has had an excellent year. The 5 million dividend may be a little below average, but dozens of strategic deals have been facilitated behind the scenes in 2023 that should make Limburg’s economy future-proof. During the annual meeting on Monday, LRM will look back at its achievements over the past 30 years, with a total of €1.1 billion in investments, €402 million in dividends paid, and accumulated equity of €546 million.

I have been around LRM for exactly 30 years, and it’s a good time to take a look at the results it has achieved. And they are very impressive. As part of the development of its transformation into an investment company, investments of no less than 1.1 billion euros were made and support was provided to 530 companies. “It’s an amount you can easily multiply by 4, since LRM always brings in other investors and other funding sources that provide the remaining 75 to 80% of the capital,” says Mark Mason, president of LRM.

Another important parameter in the 30-year history is the dividends paid. “The counter now stands at 402 million euros. This is an amount that, through the Flanders Foundation and the Limburg Stirk Merk (LSM), fully benefits Limburg projects around education, nature, culture and tourism. This shows that the LRM, in addition to its important economic role, “He has also left an impressive social imprint.”

Managing director Tom Vanham estimates that LRM has managed to build equity worth €546 million over 3 decades. “Resources that are almost all immediately invested, such as ETFs, in new projects. This way we can ensure our active role in supporting companies with venture capital and loans in the long term.” This is at least until 2029, because until then LRM has just concluded a new cooperation agreement with the Flemish government.

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Conclusion: Mark Mason says: “LRM has received €385 million in government funds since its inception, including start-up funds of €250 million. If you look at investments and profits, LRM proves that the government’s contribution has been more than that. We have recovered and have strong strength in A unique regional ecosystem.”

LRM had excellent financial performance specifically in the last fiscal year. 49.2 million euros were invested in 78 companies and projects, with profits of 5.8 million euros and a dividend distribution of 5 million euros. Slightly below average in recent years. “However, we have done very important work that is not directly expressed in numbers,” says Tom Vanham. “We have often acted as ‘middlemen’, filling the missing link to make future-oriented strategic projects possible. Consider bringing in BAC as a partner for Droneport, facilitating large foreign investments such as Ciner Glass or Glass Trösch in Lommel, BioVille 3, and FacThory in Genk, etc. This also benefits Limburg’s economy and ultimately the region’s prosperity.”

“We are ready for at least another 30 years of transformation, entrepreneurship and sustainability,” concludes the Chairman of the Board of Directors.