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interactions.  Thibaut Courtois was disappointed after a dramatic second half...

interactions. Thibaut Courtois was disappointed after a dramatic second half…


Another painful defeat against the French, again in the semi-finals. Sour, because everything looked too rosy for the Belgians at the break. Thibaut Courtois, too, was of the opinion that they should not ordinarily give up this primacy again. “We have already removed the first goal and with the second goal there is a stupid loss of the ball,” said the goalkeeper.

Jonas Withock

We immediately saw a completely different match in the second half. Laziness among the Belgians or sharpness among the French? “We didn’t start slack in the second half, the French put in good pressure,” Courtois said. “They immediately started putting more pressure on our midfielders, with Pogba in front. Soon they started getting into the game, especially after that first goal they started believing in him again.”

However, things looked excellent in the first half, after a great showing in the first half. “I am frustrated, frustrated, everything. If you are up 2-0, you can never give up on that.”


Yannick Carrasco: “We didn’t get enough rest at the ball”

“We dominated the game in the first half and scored two goals as well,” said Carrasco, the first goal scorer. “In the second half, France have to press and they succeed. We crawled back a lot, played a lot in our box. We didn’t have enough rest on the ball and couldn’t eliminate the French pressure. That was a 2-2 psychological blow. We make The score is 3-2 at the end, but it looks like it was offside after a few centimeters. It’s details, but the details decided the match tonight.”


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