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iPhone 14 would be terribly boring (but that’s okay)

In about a month and a half, Apple will present the new iPhone 14. It is now widely clear what we can expect from the new iPhone. Eye-catching: Almost all innovations are exclusive to the most luxurious iPhone 14 Pro (Max). ordinary iPhone 14 It becomes a little boring. But… that’s not bad at all.

iPhone 14 rumors

The iPhone 14 rumors You start to become more and more specific. There will be four models this year. First, there are two entry-level models: the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 and 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max — which are almost identical except for the size. Then there are two more luxury models: the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro and the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro (Max). They also differ only in size.

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iPhone 14 Pro drawing

What’s new in iPhone 14? The following rumors are particularly persistent, and may contain some truth.

  • The notch (the “snack” at the top of the screen) disappears, or at least becomes less prominent. Apple treats the selfie camera and necessary sensors into two holes in the screen. But: This only applies to iPhone 14 Pro (Max). iPhone 14 retains the current design.
  • iPhone 14 will have an always-on display, where the most important information is always shown. we think that Widgets from iOS 16 It plays a prominent role in this. But: This only applies to iPhone 14 Pro (Max). iPhone 14 keeps the current screen.
  • The iPhone 14 is undergoing a massive camera upgrade. You can expect a 48MP camera, and you can record 8K videos. But …
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You guessed it, this is also a plus for Pro.

On top of that, the iPhone 14 gets an A16 Bionic chip. But you guessed it: This only applies to the iPhone 14 Pro (Max). The regular iPhone 14 continues to retain the iPhone 13 chip. This makes iPhone 14 . chip A point where the regular iPhone differs from the Pro model and has never happened before.

Regular iPhone 14: Is there anything new at all?!

There is a new format: in recent years, the entry-level iPhone has always been available in a small and regular size. This year there are regular and large format reports. The iPhone mini – mini – will likely be discontinued. The camera will get a little better, and maybe another cool software trick will be added. New color is also clear.

It all seems a bit boring. As if the future regular iPhone would not be the iPhone 14, but the iPhone 13s (just to dust off the old Apple term). But this is not bad at all.

boring iPhone? Not a problem

Do you find iPhone 14 boring? So this isn’t meant for you anyway. We’ve now reached a point where there are no huge upgrades on an annual basis. Apple itself no longer assumes that you buy the latest iPhone every year (or even every two years). It is not for nothing that your iPhone is increasingly supported by new software updates.

Apple also didn’t put the iPhone 14 in mind with iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 owners in mind. Perhaps the upgrade becomes interesting if you have a regular iPhone 11. Because you still have a new design with flat edges, a better camera and support for 5G. And a great chip, because the supposedly ‘obsolete’ A15 chip from 2021 is still far ahead of the competition a year later.

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Do you have an iPhone 12 and 13 and will soon feel like you have to switch? You are most likely a victim of marketing. Because Apple will undoubtedly say again that it is the ‘best iPhone ever’, and that your photos will look brighter than ever.

When will we know more?

We expect Apple to announce the iPhone 14 series in mid-September, with the devices still in stores that month. Do you want to stay up to date with news of new devices? So sign up for our weekly newsletter!

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