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Is Megan coming to London to commemorate Diana?  |  showbiz

Is Megan coming to London to commemorate Diana? | showbiz

According to some newspapers, Meghan will be the “secret guest” of her husband Harry during the celebration in London. An insider told The Mirror: “She knows how much he hated going to Prince Philip’s funeral alone.” “He’s been ignored by most of his family. Meghan doesn’t want to do that with him again, so she’s considering traveling to the UK this summer.”

Plus, the celebration is very meaningful for Harry. “He and William have been working on the statue since 2017,” said the same source. “It’s very important to them. Chances are, Meghan would want to be there for that special moment in his life, on the day that would have been Diana’s 60th birthday.”

Others are not at all convinced of its existence. Expert Phil Dampier does not see this happening. You’ll want to avoid this media attention. She would be in the spotlight a lot if she came to London, and on top of that she would have to take her children with her. This seems completely improbable. Neither the royal family nor the British are waiting for her, she is no longer popular in those aspects. If you ask me, Meghan will be staying at home in Los Angeles this summer, along with Archie and Lillibet. The last one is only a month old, the perfect excuse not to come. If she is smart, she will stay away from the palace for a while.”