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Is racing with a broken elbow justified?  "You don't have to be dangerous" |  cycling world championship

Is racing with a broken elbow justified? “You don’t have to be dangerous” | cycling world championship

in order to Anime Van Vleuten Saturday won’t even be the first. At the World Championships in Innsbruck in 2018, she had a serious fall and finished seventh with a broken knee.

This time, after a bad luck day in the mixed relay, it’s “only” to do with a “stable fracture of the elbow,” but for Lotte Kubiki, the incident stirs mixed feelings.

“It’s Van Vleuten’s anime: you can never write it off,” says the Belgian leader.

“But somewhere it’s a double. We ask for more safety in the race and then you start with a broken elbow, which means your reaction speed will be a lot lower. I think that’s a double.”

Kubiki may have said it a bit maliciously, but the message was clear. Is it safe to race with such an injury? Can you let Van Vleuten get started?

“Lawson Craddock once rode in the back of a tour with a broken wrist. It was also irresponsible, but everyone praised him,” Tessig Bennott recalls.

“On the tour they made it a martyr,” Jan Baklantis added.

What does Adrie van der Poel think of the security issue? “If you can’t race functionally as you should, you have to make the wise decision yourself.”

“You must not pose a danger to anyone else. With a serious fall you must be steady: go home.”

Jan Bakilants concluded the discussion by saying, “The final decision should rest with the match doctor.” This way he can view the file and make a decision.”