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Is thermal clothing old fashioned?  Think again.  Here you can shop the best items |  Nina

Is thermal clothing old fashioned? Think again. Here you can shop the best items | Nina

Cold morning? Thermal clothing To the rescue. And no, not the ugly kind you wear under your ski clothes. Because not only has technology evolved, but so have designs. “Just like shapewear and corsets, you can now also wear thermal underwear over your clothes,” says fashion editor David DeFriendt. With these 14 versions, you’ll stay warm and cozy this fall.

From fleeces, puffer jackets and mountain boots to thermal underwear: outerwear is hugely popular and comes in increasingly trendy colors and silhouettes. Thermal clothing is a must-have in your wardrobe this winter, according to fashion editor David DeFriendt. And not those ugly models that you take to the forest or mountains.

Thermal clothing is more fashionable than ever

“Gorpcore, or outdoor and mountain sportswear, is booming these days. Wool used to be just a trendy thing, but now even the biggest brands are using it in their collections. Nowadays anything is really possible,” says Devriendt. “We don’t wear clothes anymore.” Lingerie and corsets only under clothing. It’s the same with thermal clothing. Whereas we used to be ashamed to wear that, now we hardly do anything else.

Left: Fellipa K ski pants – €580. Right: Uniqlo thermal shirt – €19.90. © Philippa K / Uniqlo

“We can’t avoid it: winter is coming. In some countries, this season is also longer and colder than ours. Moreover, this season’s collections are more comprehensive, simply because you need more clothes to protect yourself from the cold.”

“With the ever-evolving climate and uncertain future, the role of temperature-regulating clothing is more important than ever. If you’re warm, it will cool you. If you’re cold, it will warm you. You also have to wear fewer layers this way. This is comfortable and practical.”

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“Therefore, more and more brands are focusing on designing a multi-functional piece that you can wear anywhere. Not only the technology behind thermal clothing, but also the design has evolved. Take for example the new Evolutyl collection from French clothing brand Damart or the HEATTECH collection from Uniqlo Japanese, and designed by NASA experts. “A Uniqlo thermal shirt or pants looks like a classic piece of clothing that you would simply wear to the office or town,” says the fashion editor.

Left: DIM thermal leggings - € 17.95 Zalando.  Right: Uniqlo thermal shirt - €19.90.
Left: DIM thermal leggings – € 17.95 Zalando. Right: Uniqlo thermal shirt – €19.90. © Zalando / Uniqlo

“I keep thinking of luxury brands like Filipa K and Chanel’s Coco Neige, where Lily-Rose Depp models. Or popular ski and outdoor wear brands like Patagonia, Fusalp, Arc’teryx and The North Face. They all now have extensive collections of Ski wear, underwear and thermals. Another good example is the British brand Vollebak, known as “the clothing of the future.” They have a jacket that can withstand extreme freezing temperatures, but still looks great.

Affordable, elegant, beautiful and warm

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Ski clothing and the well-known thermal bodies are no longer what they used to be, according to the fashion expert. And thanks to brands like Uniqlo, H&M, C&A, Calzedonia, Veritas, Damart and Tezen, it’s not only stylish, but affordable too.

From thermal socks, T-shirts, leggings, and turtlenecks to gloves, scarves, and pants: it’ll all keep you super warm this fall. Everything comes in amazing designs that you can wear yourself. “It can be with jeans and nice sneakers. “But also on a skirt or under a dress,” Devriendt advises. Nice and warm, not completely enveloping but on-trend.

Criticize. You can shop the most beautiful and elegant thermal pieces here.

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