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Julie Vermeire Too Fast For Tanja Dexters In 'The Container Cup', But Previous Mistake Sets Record

Julie Vermeire Too Fast For Tanja Dexters In ‘The Container Cup’, But Previous Mistake Sets Record

Julie Vermeer (23) had a duel with Tanya Dexters (45) on Thursday night container cup won. Vermeire was a minute-and-a-half faster in the pressed heptathlon on the TV show on Play4 than the former Miss Belgium, who did well in the shooting.

container cup Thursday night saw the return of Tanya Dexters on TV. After five turbulent years, the former presenter is back on the small screen for a sports duel with young double Julie Vermeer.

The brave Dexters threw himself into battle, but soon her physical preparation began to get in the way. On the treadmill – the first test – I went too deep and had to end almost the entire episode with vomiting. That didn’t stop her from achieving a perfect score of five out of five while shooting with icy calm. A record that has been matched in the past two seasons by only five top athletes: judoka Dirk van Techelt, race driver Stoffel Vandoorne, sprinter Pauline Coquette, kayaker Liz Broix and badminton player Liann Tan. The Dexters eventually finished in a time of 19 minutes 4 seconds and 50 hundredths. Only Kamal Kharmash and Dominic van Malder did the worst.

Then Julie Vermeer went a little faster. Jack’s daughter needed 17 minutes, 37 seconds and 4 hundredths to complete the seven tests, but she could have done it a little faster if she spoke a little during the tests and kept her head held high. Certainly while cycling, Vermeire lost a lot of time by rowing around a very small resistance. The famous TikTok star passed the running (1500m in 6:37) and golf (82m) tests, but on the whole he was much slower than Natalia, Eric Van Looy and Philip Goebbels.

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men’s order

1 Nicolas de Kerbel (hockey player) 8:54.21

2 Tibo Verfort (basketball 3 x 3) 9: 08.04

3 Mitch Morgan (ice hockey) 9:38.21

4 Florian Vermeersch (cyclist) 09:46.50

5 Morey Vincendent (cyclist) 9:46.90

6- Vincent Kistlott (basketball) 10:24:26

7 Mathijs Verhoeven (BMX bike rider) 10:42.27

8 Jago Geerts (Motocross Rider) 11:11.79

women ranking

1 Norwegian vid (inclusive) 11:26.05

2 Valerie Barthelemy (Triple Sports) 11:40.41

3 Emki Vervet (Runner) 12:38.59

4 Camille Laos (Runner) 13:08.08

BVs . classification

Julie Vermeer 17: 37.04

Tania Dexters 19.04: 50

Kamal Kharmash 19: 43.89

Dominic van Malder 22: 50.47

Upcoming Candidates

Mickey Jorisin (marathon runner)

Gutta Verst (gymnast)