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Iserbyt awards the win to Vanthourenhout as Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal |  Etheas Kroos 2021

Iserbyt awards the win to Vanthourenhout as Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal | Etheas Kroos 2021

At Waaslandcross, Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal gave a full team performance. The red-and-black brigade dominated from start to finish, after which Vanthourenhout finally gained victory from Iserbyt.

Watch the last round:

In the absence of Lars van der Haar and Ton Aerts, Bowles’ Brigade Suzyn Bingol was more sought after than usual.

Despite Vincent Paystein’s strong start, it wasn’t long before the highly anticipated script began writing.

Iserbyt, Vanthourenhout, and Sweeck formed an all-red and black flagship group and then turned it into a team trial at Sint-Niklaas.

However, the train had to continue with a lower carriage shortly thereafter, when Swik succumbed to the high tempo of Iserbet.

Vanthourenhout and Iserbyt rode to the finish line together, but in the end they never ran because of Iserbyt’s generosity. Sweck (third) completed the party not too long ago.

Vanthourenhout: “It’s nice that Elle gives me the win”

Michael Fanthornhout (1st): “It’s very good that Eli has given me this win. I think he was the best this season, outside of the Big Three. If I could do something for him, I would do it with great pleasure. That’s why I’m glad he’s doing something now that is coming back.”

Eli Eserbet (second): “I’m glad I could give something back to Michael. He drove it himself of course. I think we were the best up front and finished it perfectly. It would have been perfect if you had 3(with Laurens Sweeck) together, but we saw that the pursuers got a little closer.”

Swick: “I had to get some today”

Lawrence Swick (third): “The legs weren’t bad today. I had to go in a little bit and made a lot of mistakes. That eventually broke me a little bit. Tomorrow in Oostmalle there will be a lot of sand, but there will also be a lot of rain so we’ll see what happens to the ‘leftover sand'”.

  1. 15 hours 54. Esperet delivers victory to Vanthornhout. There is no sprint as Eserbet gives the victory to Fantorenhout. Nice gesture within the Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal team. †
  2. 3 p.m. 52. Final round. The final round bell sounds, and Vanthourenhout and Iserbyt seem to decide between each other who will get the flowers. & nbsp; †
  3. The time is 15:47. Iserbet shaking the tree. Iserbyt pushes the accelerator again after an error, but Vanthourenhout cannot release it at the moment. Sweic is still wandering in no-man’s-land. †
  4. At 15:44 in the background, Rogue, Coon and Vandepute battle it out for fourth place. Swick seems sure of his place on the podium. He’s still six seconds behind the two leaders. †
  5. 15 h 38. It looks like Swick has to give up his pursuit after all. The sand specialist does not get close to a meter and his head may already be on the cross of tomorrow. †
  6. 15 hours 29. Half way. With 4 laps remaining, Swik is 4 seconds behind Isrbet and Fantorenhaut. The latter two are not planning to wait for their teammate. †
  7. 15 Hours 29. Swik lost. Swick now has to leave Fanthornhout and Iserbet. Will Vanthourenhout soon also work through Iserbyt’s switcher? †
  8. 15 and 25 hours. Fourth round. After 4 rounds, Kohn is 13 seconds behind the leading trio. Meanwhile, Vandepute and Roig have joined Kuhn. It will be a 3v3 fight.†
  9. 15 hours 20. Only Swiss Kevin Kuhn appears to be able to throw a wrench into the works for the three leaders. However, the question is whether it can still bridge the gap. †
  10. 3 pm 16. Third round. Isrbet, Vanthornhout and Swick start the third round together. Is Paul’s Susan Bingual still threatened with victory, or will he be able to fight it out between them? †
  11. 13.15 hours Fanthornhout arrives at Esprit. Vanthourenhout was able to close the gap with Iserbyt. Swick is also on the way to making it a completely red-black trio at the front. †
  12. 3 p.m. 10. Bastien has to let Esserbet go and also see Fanthornhout pass. Paul’s men Suzanne Bengoal control the cross. †
  13. 15 Hours 06. It’s Eli Esserbitt who immediately hunts down Boss Bastien. There seems to be a duo forming in the foreground. †
  14. 15 hours. Start. Up front, Vincent Bastien is the absolute best. Thibaut Ness is already beginning to recognize the slippery surface. †
  15. 12 noon 17. Start the sign at 3 pm. The guys will soon start at 3pm. In the absence of Van der Haar and Aerts, the focus is primarily on Iserbyt & Co. Follow the match here from A to Z via live broadcast, stage by stage or on one. †
  16. 12 noon 14. Storming the Tun Airs area. The cyclocross world was turned upside down this week when Toon Aerts tested positive for the banned metabolite letrozole. It helps break down muscle strengthening at a lower speed, so you can maintain your level for longer during a busy time. Aerts is currently waiting for B-sample results, but the analysis could take up to a month. †
  17. 12 noon 14.
  18. 12 noon 13.
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