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ISS space station decor for the first space movie

On Tuesday, an actress and producer/photographer will go to the ISS for the first movie to be filmed (in part) outside of the atmosphere.

Actress Yulia Peresild, 37, plays a major role in Vizov (The Challenge).

Actor Tom Cruise also wants to shoot a movie on the International Space Station in a while. Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX is involved in this.

Whether it’s Star Wars, Star Trek, Interstellar, Gravity, or The Martian, all great space movies and series have one thing in common: They’re shot from the first scene to the last scene on Earth.

That will change next week. Then an actress and producer/photographer go into space. They stay for about two weeks at the ISS, to shoot a movie there, 400 kilometers above Earth.

It is the first extraterrestrial movie ever recorded. For Russia, which sells the flight, the mission is a welcome source of income.

actress is 37-year-old Yulia Peresild. She plays the main role in the movie Vizov (The Challenge). In the movie, an astronaut becomes ill. He can’t return to Earth, so the surgeon played by Peresild goes to space to operate on him and save his life.

The camera in the new film was done by Klim Sjipenko, who will accompany him to the International Space Station. On their way to the International Space Station, Peresild and Sypenko were joined by experienced cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov.

They will launch together on Tuesday morning around 10.55am Dutch time. After just over three hours of flying time, they arrived at the International Space Station.

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Three Americans, a Russian, a Japanese and a Frenchman already live there. On the night of October 16-17, Peresild and Sypenko should return to Earth.

Filming on the International Space Station, Russia is ahead of the United States. Actor Tom Cruise also wants to go to the International Space Station after a while to shoot a movie there. SpaceX co-stars entrepreneur Elon Musk.

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