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Italian regulator fines Clearview AI 20 million euros – IT Pro – News

Italian privacy regulator GPDP imposed a €20 million fine on Clearview AI on Wednesday. The GPDP determined that the US company “illegally collects biometric data from Italian citizens”.

Clearview AI allows users to upload a photo of a person and the software will search for the most similar face among more than three billion people in the database. The database is supplemented by the company behind the program by scraping websites and social media, among other things.

The GPDP investigation began after it received complaints and warnings about the facial recognition software. The investigation found that Clearview AI “processes biometric data from Italians without a proper legal basis”. In addition, the US company has violated the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by, among other things, not adequately informing users of how their personal data is being processed and used, says GPDP

In addition to paying a fine of 20 million euros, Clearview AI must delete the photos of all Italians. Further data and image collection by the Company is also prohibited. Finally, Clearview AI must appoint a representative in the European Union, who can be held responsible for the processing of Italian personal data in addition to or in place of its headquarters in the United States.

This isn’t the first time the European privacy watchdog has slapped Clearview AI on the fingers. The UK privacy regulator ICO also launched Clearview AI last year Imposition of a fine of 20 million euros† Last December, the French privacy watchdog ordered the US company to do so To stop processing images from the Internet for French citizens† Additionally, Clearview AI had to remove all of France’s photos within two months.

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